June 2022 - Detailed summary of the presentation of Materia Nova of the Stellar project at the A3TS congres in June 2022.

Revêtements anti-adhérent/easy-to-clean comme solution anti-encrassement pour la préservation du flux laminaire et réduction d’impact CO2

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June 2022 : Tests in real environment performed in June 2022 on a Sonaca 200 at Florenne air base in order to identify the best anticontamination coatings for the project.

-> Article in Aviation 24
-> Article in L'Avenir
-> Video report

June 2022 : Skywin newsletter with a focus on Stellar : Work performed so far on coatings selection and tests performed

Mireille Poelman

Ceramic-Like (Sol-Gel) coatings for durable aesthetics and cleanliness

Mireille Poelman, Marie-Eve Druart, Rob Onderwater, Tangi Sénéchal - Materia Nova

Sept 2020 : EASN  - European Aeronautic Science Network
Virtual conference - 2-4 September 2020

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